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Why Preventative Neurotoxin (Botox®/Xeomin®) Is a Great Idea.

We started getting Botox® when we were 30. Some of our friends and family were vocal about that choice wondering why we sought anti-aging injections when we were so young. The truth is, our wrinkles had already set in quite a bit, and we wanted to stop them from becoming permanent creases/lines. There is nothing wrong with aging, but we knew that neurotoxin would help us age a little more gracefully. (See our FAQ page for more details).

Meghan before & after her first treatment.

Neurotoxin works on dynamic muscles. It essentially stops your muscles from contracting, causing a relaxation effect. Once it fully kicks in, you are unable to make the expressions which lead to wrinkle formation. Obviously if you minimize these expression lines from forming, you won't ever have to worry about having a wrinkle at rest, which is often one of the things that can cause us to appear older.

Anabelle before & after her first treatment.

Preventative neurotoxin treatment means treating the problem before it exists. We have tons of clients in their 20's. Because they are starting young, they can visit us less often and often have lower treatment doses. Some of them see us once or twice a year! If your wrinkles are already set-in, it is not too late. However, we will need to see you more frequently and use a higher dose of toxin to achieve the results most people desire. In addition, it usually takes more than 2-3 treatments to target those really stubborn and deep lines.

Hopefully after reading this, you will feel armed with knowledge and empowered to educate others on why preventative neurotoxin is beneficial. When combined with a prescription-grade skincare regimen, like Revision Skincare®, you can get incredible results. Neurotoxin targets the muscles beneath the skin and the skincare targets the skin at the surface level (and below). If you're not at least using daily SPF 40 or higher, we need to have a chat! Let's stop the stigma around anti-aging injections and support each other for taking care of ourselves in ways that make us look and feel great!

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