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PRP Injections: Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP stimulates new collagen production and reenergizes your cells into rejuvenating themselves. It can be used for hair rejuvenation after hair loss.

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PRP Injections

This treatment involves the collection of your blood (approximately 1-2 tablespoons or 15-30 milliliters), then your blood is spun down using a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells, plasma and platelet portion using a separator gel as a special filter. The platelet rich plasma (PRP) portion of your blood is then collected and injected back into your skin to stimulate new collagen production, and to re-energize your cells into rejuvenating themselves. The product injected is 100% your own blood by-product (autologous). 

Read the section below to learn more about PRP.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who can get PRP?

Clients experiencing hair loss: hair loss secondary to Androgenic Alopecia or Alopecia Areata. Hair thinning is commonly from Androgenic Alopecia, we will determine at your consultation if you are a candidate. 

How does PRP work?

After your blood sample is collected and spun for 10 minutes, it will be separated into red blood cells (RBCs) and plasma. The plasma contains a high concentration of platelets - the platelet rich plasma (PRP) is then collected into a syringe. The PRP is then injected into your scalp (in any areas of hair thinning) or undereye area. Within 10 minutes of being injected the platelets are activated, which releases growth factors and nutrients. The activated platelets have a stimulatory effect on wound healing and augment soft tissue regeneration.

Is the treatment painful?

There is some discomfort associated with PRP. It is a quick procedure lasting approximately 5-10 minutes. The procedure requires a blood draw (from your arm) and injections in your scalp or undereye area. We can use ice packs and a vibratory tool on your scalp to assist with discomfort.

How many sessions will I need to have?

For hair loss: 3-4 monthly treatments followed by a 3-6 month maintenance interval which will be determined at your 4th session.

How Long Does it Take?

The treatment itself does not take more than 5-10 minutes, but with your consult, prep, and the treatment we set aside 1 hour to be safe. 

Will it Work?

Treatments work in 80% of patients. While we expect results with 4 treatments (each 1 month apart), results are not guaranteed.

Are there any Side Effects?

There are no serious side effects. You may experience tenderness or bruising at the site of injection or blood draw. You may have a tender scalp with a "full" feeling for about 24 hours. Ice packs can help with tenderness. Additionally, a warm shower and massage to the area is also acceptable. You may take Tylenol to help with any discomfort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

See below for pictures of what PRP injections (for hair restoration) are capable of. 

PRP Before and After Pictures
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