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About Nutrafol®

Nutrafol is a multi-targeting nutraceutical containing standardized ingredients that address key triggers of poor hair health including stress, DHT, free radicals, micro-inflammation, and compromised nutrition.

For adult women, men, post-partum women and women over 50 looking to improve the health of their hair and maintain existing hair growth. 

Hair Growth – Ingredients clinically shown to increase hair growth and provide fuller hair in men with thinning hair.
Hair Quality – Designed with ingredients to improve strength, fullness, shine, and nourish hair from within.
Overall Health – Formulated with ingredients shown to reduce stress, fatigue, improve sleep, improve focus and concentration, and promote overall feelings of wellness.

Nutrafol® recommends 4 capsules daily with a meal
containing healthy fat. 

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Additional Information

Information specific to each formula:

Women's: Science shows that women report more stress compared to men, causing them to lose key nutrients for building hair. Enhanced with added Marine Collagen.

Men's: Science shows that men are more likely to be affected by DHT compared to women. Core for Men is enhanced with added Saw Palmetto.

Postpartum: Physician developed with an OBGYN and breastfeeding friendly with whole-food sourced ingredients known to be used during lactation.

Women's Balance: Toxins and hormones may play a significant role in hair health during and after menopause. Enhanced with Maca root and Astaxanthin.

Information for all formulas:
• Synergen Complex® is a patent pending, proprietary blend of standardized botanicals that synergistically target multiple factors affecting hair growth.
• Nutrafol® Blend is a proprietary blend of amino acids and botanicals designed to provide bioavailable nutrient support for healthy hair production.
• Physician formulated with clinically tested, patented ingredients shown to be effective in humans.
• Careful extraction methods to preserve the most potent part of each plant without harm.
• Standardized to ensure each serving contains a clinically effective dosage.
• Sourced responsibly from all over the world, manufactured in the United States.
• Enhances bioavailability of botanical extracts and micronutrients with Black Pepper Extract and bio-optimized technologies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

See below for results of Nutrafol® supplementation.

PRP Before and After Pictures
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