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What is it like to get a VI Peel®?

So you've booked an appointment for a VI Peel with Refined Lines and want to know what to expect. We've got you covered! The peel application takes less than 20 minutes. It is easy, quick, and painless. The most challenging part of the peel process is ensuring you are following all of the post-peel instructions and downtime care. We will break it down for you in this blog post!

General Peel Facts

  • Safe for all skin types.

  • Medium-depth peel -- Will remove skin cells from outer layer of skin and upper part of your middle layer of skin.

  • Safe for all Fitzpatrick types (The Fitzpatrick skin type describes a way to classify the skin by its reaction to exposure to sunlight).

  • Safe for sensitive skin.

  • Helps to restore a more even skin tone, smooth away rough skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • We recommend a series of 3 peels for best results!

  • See our website to read more FAQs (click here).

The Peel Application

We request that you come to your appointment makeup-free. If you wear makeup, we will send you to the restroom to cleanse your skin with Revision Skincare Cleanser. Before we begin we will use prep pads to ensure we've removed all excess makeup and oils from your skin. This will help the peel to penetrate deeper. Then we will start the peel process. We make 4-5 full passes around your face with the peel solution. We will use firm pressure during the application to help the peel penetrate into your skin. Between each pass we allow the peel to dry and make sure there are no areas that are reacting or showing us signs we need to discontinue further application. The peel will feel cool and slightly tingly. We hand our clients a handheld fan to use -- it helps distract and the cool air feels comforting during the peel application. When finished, your skin will have a light brownish tint. You can wash your face for the first time 4 hours after the peel is applied and the tint will go away at that time. The peel is perfect to pair with neurotoxin, and we can easily do both services in one appointment! To combine the two services when booking on our website select new or returning client for a toxin appointment and then just above the calendar there is a box that says "Add to your appointment...VI Peel". Happy Booking!

After the Peel

  • We send you home with all necessary after care products and instructions.

  • You will need to avoid working out for 3-5 days after the peel.

  • You will peel significantly 72-96 hours after the peel.

  • Do not pull on skin that is peeling, clip away with sharp nail scissors.

  • Wear SPF >40 EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. (For the rest of your life)!

  • We highly recommend pairing the peel with Revision Skincare's C+ Correcting Complex and DEJ Face cream. We offer a package that includes 3 peels and skincare. Check it out here!

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