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What Happens at a Neurotoxin (Botox®/Xeomin®) Appointment?

When you pull up to Refined Lines, the first thing you'll see is our pink door. Welcome in!

As you step inside our office we encourage you to get comfortable either in our treatment chair, or on our couch. Introductions are made and then we have a few pieces of paperwork for you to fill out (medical history and consent forms). Next is the fun part! We discuss your goals for the treatment. At this time we also go over what to expect, questions, concerns, and after-care instructions. We have clients who have never had neurotoxin and clients who have had it for years and years. Some clients know exactly which areas they want treated and others want us to give advice. We are happy to guide as much or as little as needed and will not move forward with the appointment until we are all on the same page about the treatment plan/goals.

Next, we ask for you to make certain expressions! This allows us to see what kinds of lines and wrinkles we are working with. Some phrases you may hear: "raise your brows," "give us a scowl," and "give me a big smile." During this time we also take some really close-up in-your-face photos so that we can compare your results to your baseline (we will text you after 2 weeks to request some high quality selfies so we can make those comparison photos). While you make those faces, we decide what dose you need and are able to prepare for your injections. Last steps are to cleanse the treatment area with alcohol and to mark you for injections.

During your injections, we ask you to sit back and relax. We provide a vibrating tool that helps distract the pain receptors. The injections feel like a tiny pinch and there is no pain after the needle is removed. It is normal to bleed a little and there will be little bumps on your face where we inject. Those go away within minutes. While not common, bruising is a possibility since we are injecting in an area with lots of blood vessels, and we can usually let you know right away if we think you will bruise.

Lastly, we clean your skin with our Revision Skincare® Soothing Facial Rinse toner and apply Revox Line Relaxer ("Botox in a bottle") and you're done. All in all, it usually takes no more than 20 minutes!


  • Botox®/Xeomin® take 14 days for you to see the full effect! We will text you at this time to assess your results. In the meantime, it is normal for one side to kick in sooner. However, any asymmetry should correct by day14. Please send us the selfies we request so we can make your comparison photos and assess. We're always happy to see you in person as well!

  • While everyone responds similarly to treatment, everyone has different anatomy and touch-ups or additional toxin may be needed to achieve your desired outcome.

  • Botox®/Xeomin® only work on dynamic lines (wrinkles caused by muscle movement), not sleep lines or other fine lines. Refer to our treatment page for FAQs.

  • Aftercare is important! We do not want to risk the toxin migrating to your brow area, which may cause a drooped brow effect. We also do not want you to metabolize it too fast - you paid a lot for treatment and we want it to last as long as possible.

  • If you have wrinkles set in at rest, you will likely need more than one treatment for them to go away, but with consistent treatment AND good skincare, it is likely they will improve dramatically or disappear entirely.


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